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Hippo car hire came to my resque when I lost my Cedit Card and urgently needed a vehicle at East London airport. Thank you guys for your great effort and super service.

~Michael Scholtz

General car rental articles

Car Rental

When visiting any of the cities in South Africa, whether it is for business or pleasure, the means of transport is to rent a car from any of the South Africa car rental outlets. In doing so you as the renter will have the freedom to travel at your own pace.  Car Rental Companies have car rental outlets at all South africa airports and all major city centres. Hippo car hire South Africa have partnered with all major car hire South Africa companies, to offer you as the clients the widest selection of vehicles at the best prices.  Booking a vehicle online ensures that you will have real-time access to all available car rental options and car rental discounts with the click of a button.

Car Rental Rates

Booking your preferred car rental online will give you access to the best car rental prices and instant availability. Hippo car hire South Africa offers you a wide range of vehicles to choose from.  Whether you planning a trip for business or pleasure, Hippo Car Hire will ensure that you get the best car rental deals.

Car Rental Reservation

When planning a trip or holiday it is important that you book your trip well in advance to avoid being dissappointed.  Booking you car rental well in advance will insure that you get the best prices and that you will not be dissappointed with cars not being available.  Last minute car rentals could end up in vehicles not being available and more expensive car rental prices.  The higher the demand for car rental vehicles the higher the car hire rates.  S, book early through Hippo car hire South Africa and get the best vale for you money.

Car Rentals
Booking your car rental through a car hire travel agent such as Hippo Car Hire South Africa, rather than directly with one of the many car rental South Africa companies, will ensure that you get the best car rental deals.  Hippo car hire South Africa have partnered with all major car hire South Africa companies to offer you the best prices.  The process is dynamic and prices vary from one car hire group to the next between car hire companies and is dependant on the availability of vehicles in each group per car hire company.  Booking a vehicle online through a car hire website like Hippo Car Hire South Africa will give you the best prices per car group across all major car hire companies.
Rental Cars

When Booking a car for a holiday or business trip, it is important that you book the right vehicle for you period of travel.  vehicles are generally categorised into different group and/ or categories depending on whether they have Powersteeing, Airconditionaing, Airbags, ABS breaking and also on the size of the vehicle eg number of seats and boot space.  Hippo Car Hire South Africa allow you as the renter, to see the full specification of each vehicle on our booking interface to ensure that you book the right sized vehicle and features.
Vehicle Rental

Selecting the right vehicle for you hilday or business trip is easy with Hippo Car Hire South Africa.  Simply select the correct group and vehicle features on complete the online bookings process.  Once the booking and process have been completed please ensure that you get a car rental booking confirmation, car rental voucher and/ or car hire reference number.
Long Term Car Hire

Renting a vehicle for a period of longer that one month is normally referred to as Long Term Car Hire. Most people opt for long term car hire when they visit a foreign country for longer than one month or do not have the immediate financial means to buy their own car.  When you decide to rent a vehicle for a long period of time you need to ensure that mechanical road-side assitance and insurance is included as part of the long term car hire contract.

Long Term Car Rental

When visiting a destination outside of your home town for an extended period of time is often a good option to enter into a long term car rental contract.  A long term car rental contract is advantageous as it normally inludes 24 hour road-side assistance and comprehensive accident and theft insurance as part of the agreement.  With vehicle prices soaring over the last two decades a large percentage of people are also finding it difficult to cope financially and are therefore rather opting for long term rental  rather than to fork our an significat amount of money for buying or car.

Luxury Car Hire

Luxury Car Hire is popular with individuals who are looking for a a special means of transport to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or special date.  Contact Hiipo Car Hire for our special range of Primier, Luxury and special occasion vehicles.

Luxury Car Rental
Luxury Car Rental is the only means of transport to make that memorable trip or occasion that extra special.  Whether you are looking for a cabrolet vehicle to do the Garben route or to impress fiends, family or a loved one during a special occasion, Luxury Car Rental is the way to do it.  With Hippo Car Hire South Africa we can advise you on the best companies and vehicles.

This is an article by Hippo Car Hire South Africa.
Hippo car hire South Africa is a leading Cape Town car rental company specialising in the provision of quality car hire options to local and overseas car hire clients. Hippo car hire also provides long term cheap student and internship car hire in Cape Town through a Cape Town car rental company, Cheap Car Hire Cape Town.

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